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 We are your global supplier of all your craft products and services at very competitive prices. Browse in our shop and enjoy all the exciting craft products . . . 


At the request of our customers, NeedleGraphics has started to add more information to our products on sale. For example the notation of "Brand: ...." and "Made in: ...." has been added. We hope that all the added info will assist you in making product selection. For example see Gallery Glass Paint


Freight- or shipping charges are currently a flat rate of $12.10 (incl. GST).  
NeedleGraphics reserves the right to lower  this rate in certain cases e.g. smaller, lighter parcels (e.g. booklets) , but it will not go up! In case that this has to happen, you will be advised immediatelyfor your acceptance


Customers not residing in Australia please email NeedleGraphics with your proposed purchase .


NeedleGraphics is an internet based craft retail outlet without a physical shop. Under certain circumstances and after arrangements with our office, you can collect your order at our pick up address in Colyton, NSW. 


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