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3835 Lugana/3770 Davosa - Cross-stitch

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Article: 3835/807
Name: 3835 Lugana/3770 Davosa - Cross-stitch
Publ;ished by: Zweigart & Sawitzki, Sindelfingen, Germany

Printed in Germany

Type: cross stitch
Stitched on Zweigart 3835 Lugana or 3770 Davosa
Care, washing and iron setting included
Lugana and Davosa are made out of twisted yarns and the threads can easily be counted
Davosa is coarser and so suitable for beginners.
Luigana is finer with an elegant shine because of its vciscose content
Designs inbclude: maple leaves, ginkgo leaves. beach leaves and beech leaf cushion covers & serviettes
Animals shown are grasshopper, maybe, fly and bee

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