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21 October 2014 - Added Gutermann HT3 Hemming Web (616540):


14 October 2014 - The following products are added: Crochet Hook Case (MR4701.KAFF), Multi Project Bag (MR4716.BOHE), Knitting Bag (MR4717.BLOO), Needle Pouch (MR4733.KAFF), Yarn Holder (MRYH.29)

  mr4701_kaff_sml.jpg  mr4716bohe_sml.jpg  mr4717_bloo_sml.jpg   mr4733_kaff_sml.jpg  mryh29_sml.jpg

02 October 2014 - The following new products were added: Tracing Wheel  Birch Brand (070240) and new Medium Sized Sewing Basket (010607), Hand Sewing machine (NT1001), Clover Brand Tracing Wheel

    070240_sml.jpg 010607dots_sml.jpg  nt1001_sml.jpg480w_sml.jpg

06 September 2014 - Newly added products: Metal Tatting Shuttle (887), Sew Easy Quilter's Starter Kit (ER.KIT), Hemline Starter Sewing Kit (HEM.KIT), Automatic Spool French Knitter (T6305):

887_sml.jpg  erkit_sml.jpg  hemkit_sml.jpg  t6305_sml.jpg

20 August 2014 - Added the following paint-by-number kits: Three of a Kind (21747), Snowy Evening Outing (21783), The Three Amigos (21755), and Angel Falls (21743):

21747_sml.jpg  21783_sml.jpg  21755_sml.jpg  21743_sml.jpg

02 August 2014 - Thread Heaven (671324001013), UnderThimble (#SM200), UltraThimble (#SM700)

716866789675.jpg   sm200_sml.jpg   sm700_sml.jpg


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